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Village Sunrise Edited.jpeg

A fun, little Utopian Village on a hill.

A proven new and progressive housing model.

A combination of modern technology and innovative land use.

A miniature safe haven, where we enjoy life, have fun together and support each other.

We grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs if we feel like it.

We create high and low-tech startup companies if we feel inspired.

We build and make things for self-rewards and satisfaction.


We mill wood and make lumber for fun. 

We love learning and new experiences.

We help raise each other's kids, partly for fun, and partly to ensure they are safe.

We value time and, as a result, insist on extra fast internet access.

It is a place where residents can comfortably work remotely.


We are a little minimalistic, partly because we enjoy savings, possibly because we don’t want too much clutter in our lives, and maybe just for fun.

We play games.

It’s a place where we walk nature trails or flower gardens just for pleasure.

We make tasty beer to share, work at our outdoor “gym" - building rock walls and stacking firewood for exercise and fun.

Roosters roam outside the barn, livestock mow the pastures, and kids bottle feed baby goats.

A Village where we take pride and feel the joy of bringing out the greatness in others.

Where we use as little and harness as much energy as possible.

Where the lighting at night is low impact and beautiful.

Where we have a blast with animals and nature.

Where we slow time down, play music and have fun!

Where friends come to apple pick, feast on outdoor wood-fired pizza, or look out over the mountains, play music, hang out in the barn with the animals, muse at the roaming chickens, and, of course, take pictures.

A fun, little, safe Utopian Village on a hill.

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