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"Life is Simple, but we Insist on Complicating it" --Confucius


Mountain Views

Glorious views of Pack


NHPR Eco Village Picture.jpg

Village Green

Shared space for games, gatherings, music-making, etc.

Planting Vegetables.jpg

Vegetable Farm

Personal and Community plots for growing your own veggies!

Walden Garland Cottage.jpg

Front Porch Living

Colonial Village with porches overlooking classic large oval green

Apple Picking Mom and Son Edited.png

Fruit Orchard

Pick and feast upon Apples, Peaches, Pears and Plumbs


Animal Farm

Live with the luxury of animals on site - loved by all ages!


Large Classic Barn

Hayloft, Stalls, Storage, Cupula and animals to love and enjoy!

123RF Paid Father and Son


Large space with tools for making or fixing nearly anything.

Edited Interior #1.jpg

Radiant Floor Heat

Super Cozy and Efficient Radiant Floor Heat and Domestic Hot Water from Central Boiler 

123RF Paid Greenhouse with Tomatoes.jpg


Grow and Harvest all kinds of veggies - year 'round!

Woodshed (palma).jpg

Central Heating

Sustainable, High Efficiency Firewood Gasification Boiler

iStock_SOLAR PANEL.jpg

Solar Energy

Solar Energy Encouraged

For all homes in the community

Tim Milling Wood.png

Onsite Saw Mill

Make Posts, Beams, Boards, and

Wood for Floors, Cabinets, Siding...


Eco Hot Tub

Heated by the Efficient Central Firewood Gasification Boiler

123RF Paid Nature Trail.jpg

Nature Trails

Enjoy a hike, a woods run, snow shoeing, mountain biking, or x-country skiing

Firewood Processor.png

Firewood Processor

Onsite Firewood Production

More Control & Lower Fuel Costs

Paid 123rf pizza oven stretched vertical

Wood Fired Oven

Make your own Pizzas, Bake your own breads, pies, casseroles, etc...

Hockey and Brick Building with Angel.png

Next to Well School

Ideal location for Well School Faculty, Staff, and Families!

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