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A Big Win for Peterborough’s administrator Nicole MacStay leaves the wings of the Eco Village she Evicted clipped, but 19 Lot Subdivision Approved

Town Administrator uses taxpayer money and diabolical exclusionary zoning practices to evict Hope, Joy, Community, Belonging, Mental Health, and Minorities.

Peterborough, NH – November 14th, 2022  – The Walden Village, described by NHPR as a “Utopian Village,”  announced today that it has received town approval to enlarge its proven model for progressive living, but with extremely disappointing and limiting conditions.

The Walden model has focused for 15 years on creating a solution to a housing crisis that has been increasingly plaguing the State of NH and the United States for decades.  While there have been many attempts in the past to address the housing crisis at all levels of government, as well as within the private sector, to date no model has surfaced that addresses the many complicated and critical components to achieving an extraordinarily high-quality of life and extraordinarily reasonable prices.

“It has been heartbreaking to watch administrator Nicole MacStay figuratively bomb and destroy something so beautiful and so well intended,” according to Walden shepherd Akhil Garland, “I have come to learn that as assistant administrator Nicole had wanted to shut down Walden for years, and the moment she rose to supreme power she set out to bleach and destroy the very thing our town needed most,” Garland added.

What by law should have been a 65-day planning process, was successfully drawn out by MacStay and town lawyers for many, many years according to Garland, “the Rinse and Repeat 4-step cycle became so predictable it was pathetic.”

“This is a proven formula used by towns all across our country, “ Garland added, “and having witnessed it firsthand, I have to sadly report that it works, which is why we have a national housing crisis in the first place, but in the Walden instance David isn’t giving up and Goliath’s day of reckoning will come.”

Step 1:  Prior to every Planning Board meeting, Peterborough’s Town administration would gather privately to identify new ways to throw the political Walden “hot potato” out of Peterborough and exclude the very people the town needs most (“Low Lives” as described by one Walden neighbor).

Step 2:  Planner Danica Malone would send her new recommendations to volunteer Planning Board members in the form of a Staff Memo articulating a long list of new reasons the Planning Board should deny or delay the project.

Step 3: The Planning Board would meet at so-called “Hearings”, yet very often the applicant, his engineers, and attorneys, per the town administration’s recommendations to the Planning Board, would not be allowed to speak or object, leaving the town Administrator Nicole MacStay in full control of the exclusion process.

Step 4: Walden and its team at great expense would revise plans and address the most recent set of obstacles placed in front of them.

According to Garland, this predictable Rinse and Repeat cycle went on for three years, in an attempt to grind him down and increase expenses for the project such that the homes would no longer be affordable. 

It took Walden twelve years to design, develop and refine this new and progressive model, and, according to Garland, “A wave of Nicole’s evil wand 5 days evict to destroy it.  But years after her illegal eviction we are still rebuilding and in the end, good will triumph over evil.”



About the Walden Eco Village:

Walden, described by New Hampshire Public Radio as a “Utopian Village,” is located in Peterborough New Hampshire, and is based on a proven new and progressive housing model formula that:

  • Focuses on  creating an Elevated Quality of Life

  • Creates a strong sense of Community and Belonging

  • Conserves Land by forever preserving Open Spaces

  • Focuses on day and evening Aesthetic Beauty by Design

  • Integrates agriculture to create availability of local, healthy food supply

  • Connects its residents to the land upon which they live

  • Focuses on producing local, renewable energy

  • Creates Reasonably Priced Housing

For more information about the Walden Village, Contact:

Noah Tierney