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Walden Eco Village and Town of Peterborough settle ongoing Lawsuit

Town of Peterborough and Walden Eco Village set the Stage for Positive Collaboration

Peterborough, NH – December 15, 2022  – The Walden Village, described by NHPR as a “Utopian Village,”  announced today that it has settled its outstanding lawsuit with the Town of Peterborough, a month after receiving Planning Board approval for a 19-lot Eco Village Subdivision Development.

The Walden model has focused for 15 years on creating a solution to a housing crisis that has been increasingly plaguing the State of NH and the United States for decades.  While there have been many attempts in the past to address the housing crisis at all levels of government, as well as within the private sector, to date no model has surfaced that addresses the many complicated and critical components to achieving an extraordinarily high-quality of life and extraordinarily reasonable prices.

"The last few years have been very challenging and I am pleased to be moving past this conflict and towards the goal of manifesting a new way of living that will benefit the town and create a model that can be replicated elsewhere," according to Akhil Garland, the Eco Village owner.   "In the end, both parties felt they were owed about $700,000, and our agreement to settle without exchanging money was an effort by both sides to forgive, move on, and get to the important work ahead" Garland added.

About the Walden Eco Village:

Walden, described by New Hampshire Public Radio as a “Utopian Village,” is located in Peterborough New Hampshire, and is based on a proven new and progressive housing model formula that:

  • Focuses on  creating an Elevated Quality of Life

  • Creates a strong sense of Community and Belonging

  • Conserves Land by forever preserving Open Spaces

  • Focuses on day and evening Aesthetic Beauty by Design

  • Integrates agriculture to create availability of local, healthy food supply

  • Connects its residents to the land upon which they live

  • Focuses on producing local, renewable energy

  • Creates Reasonably Priced Housing

For more information about the Walden Village, Contact:

Noah Tierney 

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