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New Buildable lots and Homes being created in Peterborough....

Eco Village Formally Submits Subdivision Plan

December 1, 2020


Peterborough, NH - Walden Eco Village, after several preliminary and conceptual hearings with the Peterborough Planning Board to solicit public and Planning Board Feedback, submitted a formal application to allow residents to purchase and own homes and/or buildable house lots on a 53 acre parcel on Garland Way, off of Middle Hancock Road, in Peterborough, NH.

"We are looking to move forward with our progressive, sustainable living model, and are combining two existing lots and subdividing through a proposed Open Space Cluster Housing Development such that individual lots and homes may be purchased" said Walden Eco Village manager Akhil Garland.  "We are hoping for small lot sizes, extensive preserved open space, nature trails, and a preserved-forever integrated fruit and vegetable farm, and a preserved-forever barn and animal farm, and preserved-forever forest" Garland added.

Mr. Garland began the process of becoming town-compliant for an existing cluster of structures about 18 months ago and is working with FieldStone Land Services in Milford, New Hampshire.

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